Saturday, September 30, 2006

Mask Rider

I Love them lol.


PS. Police not capture Mask Rider. Just help them out of place 'cause many people want to take their pictures (they popular than the tank haha).

Korean protest Thai Coup

Korean people protest for the Coup in Thailand. Thank you.


A Bangkok taxi driver apparently unhappy with the military coup rammed his cab into a tank near the Royal Plaza this morning. Bangkokpost

Finally, Someone do something for the RIGHT!.

oldiers were unharmed But he on a coma.

PS. As you unseen on TV. (yea i know)

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Ban on political SMS and phone-in

The Ministry of Information and Communication Technology sought cooperation from broadcasters to temporarily stop activities of political expression via short-messaging or phone-in.

However, posting information or views on web-board is permitted provided that internet service providers ensure against offensive content. - Bangkok Post

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Thai amature picture post

We close Thai-Burma and Thai-Laos border.

yes it close.

Suvarnabhumi Airport will open.

Suwanabubhi Airport opening schedule will open on 28th September 2006. (Remain same time)

Sorry for Singapore. We smart enough not to postpone the opening.

Don't worry Be happy

Yes. We have "Thai Thai" coup. So don't worry. No gunfire. No blood just talk and smile. :D

Don't believe CNN that much.

We're fine.

So we under martial law?

In Communique No 10 read on national radio and TV, military authorities said the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology was authorised to censor "disinformation" deemed harmful to the military junta.
No news from CNN,BBC etc... Internet censorship. News censorship. One side news.

Goodbye my freedom.

Developments in the military coup today

from bangkokpost magazine

Democratic Reform Council leader General Sonthi Boonyaratkalin: Suvarnabhumi Airport will be opened as scheduled, no plan to seize Thaksin's assets, no plan to seize Shin shares back from Temasek.

Democratic Reform Council leader General Sonthi Boonyaratkalin: Council will be in power for 2 weeks during which a constitution will be drafted and a PM appointed. An election will then be held within one year.

Ousted PM Thaksin arrives in London from New York for family reunion. No further word on his future.

Troops close northern Thai borders with both Laos and Burma, and forbid all overland travel from those countries. International airports open as normal.

Indonesia issues official travel warning advising citizens to delay or cancel all travel to Thailand.

Coup authorities demand "cooperation" of mass media - IT ministry authorised to check, censor information that affects the council work.

Thai ambassador in Washington says deposed PM Thaksin preparing to leave United States. It appears he will go to London, where he has a home.

Coup authorities deny appointment of Surayudh Chulanont as PM - say that the country will not have a PM for now - Gen Sonthi Boonyaratkalin has premier's power

US government joins many countries in urging citizens to reconsider any travel plans to Thailand. Most countries urge citizens in Thailand to stay inside.

Cable TV partly resumes on UBC but main foreign news channels such as CNN, BBC, CNBC, NHK and Bloomberg remain blacked out. Thai TV programmes resumes, no news.

Credit analyst of ratings firm Standard and Poors warns Thailand faces credit rating downgrade - says coup could quickly paralyse and undermine investment climate.

Ex-deputy PM and senior caretaker Chidchai Vanasathidya has been detained at army headquarters according to army sources.

Tokyo stock prices tumble as anxiety spreads over Thailand coup - Nikkei down 1.12 pct. Baht at 37.755 in New York - no local rate set.

New Zealand joins growing chorus of foreign countries condemning coup - Japan, European Union demand immediate return to democracy. US, Philippines urge peace.

Thaksin cancels scheduled speech to United Nations. It is unclear if he is trying to return home more quickly.

Today is declared a holiday for govt offices, banks - new policy statement due from coup leaders to businessmen, diplomats at 9 a.m.

Weather Active low pressure across Central, lower Northeast. Heavy rain, flood alerts for low areas around Bangkok and in North, Northeast, Rayong coast.

Headlines Coup leaders promise fast return to democracy. US hopes peaceful resolution of coup crisis. Authorities cut cable TV news, Thaksin wants to return.

US stocks fall on news of Thai coup, fears of another Asia currency crisis. Dow ends off 14 at 11,541. Baht falls from 37.20 to 37.77 per dollar after coup.

September 19, 2006

The coup makers calling themselves Democratic Reform Council led by commanders of the arm forces now take control of the country without any resistance.

Prime Minister Thaksin has declared a state of emergency, ordered troops restricted to barracks.

It's a coup as the military appeared to be in control although Channel 9 aired Thaksin's state of emergency announcement, ordering removal of Army Chief Sonthi.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

No NGO fight for Thai Constitution

No NGO , organize or Human right-something help Thai people claim our constitution back. No political guru blaim the coup. (They do many time in the past. They love to speak and shout on TV.)

Not a single one. Where r they?

You know why? Because pen cannot fight gun. And they don't want to fight with military. They don't want to die. That's all!

Welcome to the real world.

TV back to normal

But it seem they force TV to report only their side news. Like most of thai people support this coup. Bangkokian welcome military force and give flower to them. (Do you believe that?)

All Bull Shit!

Their report only anti-Thaksin group activity. Only one side information?

They claim winning

Stupid reasons. (Same reasons as Anti-Thaksin group.) (With most of Thai people didn't believe their reasons.)

I think it's a tape not live broadcast.

But what normal people like me can do? Election next month? They take it away from Thai people. Because they have weapon and tanks. Hell!

9.00 The Coup want to annouce something

Waiting for 9.00 in Thailand. The coup leader want to annouce something. (They success?)

All TV are block again. Damn.

ITV are back

Some channel are back. Good!

You can watch it live here. ITV

CNN Rumors. You wrong.

NEW: Thai PM says he has fired the general in charge of the coup
• Thai TV: Coup leaders have told the king they're taking over the country
Police reportedly clearing streets, but no violence reported
• Thai military says nation under martial law; constitution suspended

1. Yes but The coup cut Thai PM broadcast in a minute.
2. Just Rumors, No pictures, no news. (only car picture run into palace and out)

Some rumors say
- Thai King not agree with this coup. He not sign to give new Thai PM.
- Some military group (not coup group) are protect the palace and not let the coup go inside (So we se only picture of car run in and out).
- King are left Bangkok with Military protection.

3. Yes
4. Are we go back to 40 years ago. No constitution? OMG!

I think it not success yet

I believe the military divide in 2 sides.

1. Not Thaksin side.
2. Thaksin side and who not love Thaksin but doesn't want a coup.

I don't see any coup military leader annouce their victory or give more news yet.

Some rumors say that 2 side are fighting to take each based back. (bloodless)

The coup take media and center of Bangkok. But the other side try to take outer

Hope this coup not success. Peace.

Major Thai politicle webboard are temp close

They cannot control the post. Because many Thai people don't want and not agree with this coup. / rajdumnern

Internet still OK

Internet is fine.

But TV,Radio,Cable TV are block.

Military block TV and Cable TV

They blog Thailand Channel 3,5,7,9,1,ITV including UBCTV (Cable TV).
And also CNN and BCC from UBCTV Channel.

So I didn't know any news .

Now i can still use Internet and Cellphone. But rumor say they will shut it off within an hour.

Hope I can use it

Latest Thailand Coup pictures from Thai Newspaper

Lieutenant General Sonthi Boonyaratglin

Lieutenant General Sonthi Boonyaratglin
He behind this coup!

Thailand Coup

Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra declares a state of emergency in Bangkok amid reports of a coup.



Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra has declared a state of emergency in Bangkok amid reports of a coup attempt.

Soldiers have entered Government House and tanks have moved into position around the building.

Mr Thaksin, who is at the UN in New York, said he had removed the chief of the army.

National television announced that forces had taken control of Bangkok "to maintain law and order", and that they were declaring loyalty to the king.

However, the BBC's Kate McGeown in Bangkok says King Bhumibol is held in high esteem by all Thais, and the declaration of loyalty does not necessarily imply that he backs the takeover attempt.

Thailand map

An army-owned TV station is showing images of the royal family and songs linked in the past with military coups.

The announcement said the troops belonged to the "Council of Political Reform".

Our correspondent says low-level rumours of a possible coup have been circulating for weeks.

Thai media say that two army factions appear to be heading for a clash, with one side backing the prime minister and the other side backing military commander Lieutenant General Sonthi Boonyaratglin.

The general was sacked by the prime minister earlier in the day.

Political impasse

Our correspondent Jonathan Head said it was not clear which faction had taken the initiative and moved into Government House.

He said there has been pressure growing on the prime minister to resign, including groups close to King Bhumibol, following a political impasse in which April's general election was declared invalid.

But it was thought that Thailand was making progress towards holding another election later in the year, our correspondent says.

Witnesses said several hundred troops were posted at key points around Bangkok, including at government installations and major intersections.

At the United Nations, where the annual General Assembly is under way, it was announced that the agenda had been changed to allow Mr Thaksin to address it in the coming hours.

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