Tuesday, September 19, 2006

CNN Rumors. You wrong.


NEW: Thai PM says he has fired the general in charge of the coup
• Thai TV: Coup leaders have told the king they're taking over the country
Police reportedly clearing streets, but no violence reported
• Thai military says nation under martial law; constitution suspended

1. Yes but The coup cut Thai PM broadcast in a minute.
2. Just Rumors, No pictures, no news. (only car picture run into palace and out)

Some rumors say
- Thai King not agree with this coup. He not sign to give new Thai PM.
- Some military group (not coup group) are protect the palace and not let the coup go inside (So we se only picture of car run in and out).
- King are left Bangkok with Military protection.

3. Yes
4. Are we go back to 40 years ago. No constitution? OMG!


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